The world is full of beauty – and that's what I prefer to paint.

I believe that everybody can enjoy painting with watercolours. It is suitable for beginners; they can get immediate satisfaction by exploring the fluidity and amaze of the pigments even if they don't know much about drawing.

Advanced painters on the other hand are challenged to explore the unlimited possibilities of watercolors. I've observed that in the beginners there is usually a need of learning how to control this medium, while I find that the most beautiful paintings will emerge when you will learn to loosen up, to accept the unexpected and enjoy the surprises that will happen if you just trust the process.

I'm passionate about watercolors and I love sharing what I know, that's why I teach!
I will encourage individual expression, so as well as giving you the technical information, I want to inspire and give you the tools to create your own art. When you understand the essence of watercolors, painting will give you great satisfaction.

P.S. I can assist you in your language if it is : swedish, finnish, german, french, italian or english.

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